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7 Kids’ Learning Books for World Book Day

February 29, 2020

Books enable children to develop many skills, from improved concentration and vocabulary to a deeper understanding of the world. With World Book Day just around the corner, avoid last-minute scrambling to find your child’s favourite book and costume by watching the video above for children’s reading book ideas, then take a look at our kids’ learning books suggestions below.  

1. Sensory Toddler and Baby Books

Let’s begin with sensory books for babies and toddlers. Sensory baby books motivate little ones to explore books in a stimulating way. Baby books and board books contain captivating illustrations and textures that engage inquisitive young minds. Elmer is a classic children’s book and available in many formats, including a board book and sensory mirror book. The sturdy pages are easy for toddlers to turn and the vivid colours will capture attention. Toddlers may also enjoy ‘Singalong‘ and ‘Peep Inside’ books. Plus, let’s not forget the award-winning ‘That’s Not My…’ series of touchy-feely board books, perfect for babies and toddlers to press, scratch and pull. 

2. Independent and Reluctant Readers

As children move towards more independent readers, finding the right book can feel a like buying new shoes, as children search to find a reading style that suits their preferences. From non-fiction to fiction, independent readers come in all shapes and sizes. So, which kids’ learning books should you choose? Dyslexia-friendly books such as ‘Shona, Word Detective‘ and ‘Noah Scape‘ help make reading an enjoyable experience for all. For reluctant readers, ‘The Covers of My Book Are Too Far Apart’ is an amusing read that highlights all of the excuses used to avoid reading. Alternately, reading schemes enable children to progress through a range of accurately levelled books that are tailored to meet a variety of interests.  

3. Multicultural Books for Kids

Develop your child’s understanding of the world with a range of multiculture books for kids. The board book ‘Hats of Faith’ introduces children to the shared custom of head covering with accurate terminology and beautiful imagery. Moreover, children can learn about global festivals with ‘Let’s Celebrate’, a vibrant book discussing special days around the world with a child’s-eye view. Little ones may also like singing along with ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ as it takes a fresh approach to a favourite tune, featuring a Guatemalan-inspired song. Click the following link to browse more multicultural children’s books 

4. History and Geography Books

Teach the importance of past and present with engaging history and geography books. Kids can read all about fifty females who shook the world in HerStory, an uplifting and inspiring book that will encourage young readers to change the world. Similarly, bring history alive with this fascinating flap book about the ancient world. Alterntively, future explorers can travel around the world in one book with ‘My First Picture Atlas’ and climb to new reading heights with ‘Mountains of the World’. 

5. Activity and Sticker Books

Draw on your child’s creative side with a selection activity and sticker books. Construct 100 paper dragons to fold and fly or improve hand-eye coordination with fingerprinting books. Do your children love stickers? From unicorns to trucks and gardens, there are plenty of sticker books to suit all interests. In addition to providing hours of entertainment, activity and sticker books also help to promote fine motor skills.  

6. Outdoor Children’s Reading Books About Nature

Explore the wonders of nature with mesmerising outdoor children’s reading books. Dive to the depths of the ocean with this wonderfully illustrated hardcover, or soar high in the sky with this brightly colouredBeautiful Birds’ canvas book. Alternatively, reveal what’s right under your child’s nose by heading into the garden or local park with ‘Insects in 30 Seconds’.  

7. STEM Kids’ Learning Books

For kids who love everything Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, STEM books are brilliant. Improve technological skills with books about coding and the internet, or practice times tables with this fun lift-the-flap book. Kids can also scribble down ideas with this STEM book or discover everything about microbes here. If you are wondering about World Book Day ideas for your child’s costume, kids can dress up as an astronaut with this brilliant costume. Pair it with The Usborne Official Astronaut’s Handbook and they are good to go!  

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