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When it comes to early years learning, play is one of the best ways in which children can improve. Whilst having fun with their friends or by themselves, children are constantly developing various skills and abilities, including literacy, numeracy and observation. No two children play or learn exactly the same, so let them experiment and have fun. Each child will develop in their own time and there’s no need to make it arduous and boring. If you’re looking for educational toys for three year olds, look no further. We have everything you need to get your child learning through play.

Science Educational Toys For Three Year Olds

We might not think about it on a day to day basis but science is all around us. As adults, we understand and accept how the world physically works but children need to learn and understand. For example, it takes time for them to grasp the properties of solids and liquids, what different foods are and the life cycles within nature. This might all sound far too complicated for a toddler to comprehend but educational toys for three-year olds begin to introduce the basic concepts in a fun and exciting way. Learning to recognise and label different colours is an important stage in a child’s development, followed by an understanding of how they mix together to produce different colours. Our educational toys for three-year olds follow them through this process. They can start with a set of bright and bold bean bags, each printed with the name of the colour. Light and durable enough to be thrown around, they are a brilliant way for you to help your child start putting a name to what they see all around them. Once they’ve grasped the names, you can introduce the idea of mixing colours to make completely new ones. This can be done with our sensory coloured water blocks, watercolour paint set or colour mixer set. In a modern world which revolves around the internet and electronics, coding is an incredibly valuable skill. At its heart, coding is all about listing a set of actions or directions in a specific order in order to achieve a desired result. When a child is three years old, they are at the perfect point to begin developing this more computational way of thinking without the need for an app, tablet or smartphone. Instead, children can program a variety of screenless robots using simple wooden blocks or cards. The natural world is jam-packed with weird and wonderful things for kids to explore and learn about. If the weather’s good, why not get outside with our range of bug viewers and binoculars or collect items to peer at under the microscope or magnifier? Rainy days don’t have to mean the end of the fun though. From hand-painted wooden blocks that demonstrate the life cycles of plants and animals, to  easy-to-use magnets  and starter test tube kits. They can even dress up like a scientist!

Numeracy Educational Toys For Three Year Olds

Learning to count is one of the most important stages in a child’s early development and we want to help make it as fun as possible. We offer counting blocks in a wide variety of shapes and styles so you’re guaranteed to find a set that your child loves to play and learn with. There’s camels, bears, elephants, bugs, fruit and more. If counting blocks aren’t to your child’s liking, you might want to try our matching puzzles which come with the added challenge of getting the shapes to fit the space. Once a child is feeling confident in their counting you can introduce more complex ideas about fractions, addition and subtraction. Of course, an old favourite for this sort of learning is a brightly coloured abacus. A brilliant educational toy for three year olds is their first telling-the-time clock. As well as helping them with their numeracy and ability to tell the time, these clocks also boost a child’s essential fine motor and observational skills. It takes a lot of concentration to get the clock’s moveable hands exactly where they want them. As your child approaches their fourth birthday, why not explore educational toys for 4-year-old children?