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Children at the age of 8 years old are maturing physically, cognitively and emotionally. Key milestones regarding these three areas of development will be outlined on this page and can be seen as general guidelines for this age group, although each child will of course develop at their own individual pace. We’ve listed  a selection of educational toys for 8 year olds that may be helpful resources to support your child’s development.

Educational Toys for 8 Years Olds for Physical Development

Milestones: Children’s physical skills become more accurate at age 8, so sporting activities may be performed with more precision. Coordination continues to advance alongside the improvement of their motor skills, enabling children to perform tasks that are beneficial in sport with more ease, such as jumping and spinning. Children may therefore enjoy participating in physical activities like cycling, running or swimming, which are excellent for their health. In addition to this, children at age 8 may find it easier to use tools and play musical instruments as their fine motor skills progress further. Resources: Educational toys for 8 year olds such as Body Lab, Mini Skeleton and a Human Body book are fantastic resources for helping your child further understand their body, whilst simultaneously developing independent learning and scientific skills. Fine motor skills can be nurtured with entertaining toys including skipping ropes, skittles and a Spinning Top building kit.

Educational Toys for 8 Year Olds for Cognitive Development

Milestones: When children reach 8 years old, they begin to understand the context and reasoning behind many mathematical skills. In relation to money, children will understand that purchasing items is a necessary activity in the real world. Equally, their understanding of telling the time and the ability to distinguish between periods of times, such as minutes and months, will improve. With regards to language, metacognitive skills develop to allow children to reflect on their thoughts, which in turn can help them predict outcomes from their own actions. Their capability of focusing improves, as their attention-span increases. Language skills become more complex, with children expanding their vocabulary and improving their pronunciation. Children at 8 years old also demonstrate their ability to use puns and begin reading for fun, as their reading skills become more sophisticated. Resources: There are a variety of educational toys for 8 year olds that enable children to develop their understanding of money, such as a Cash Register or a Coin Value Game. These are fun ways of learning that allow children to develop an understanding of the real world and social skills by interacting with peers. To consolidate skills like telling the time, your child could try and build a fantastic lemon powered clock or develop digital and analogue skills with a Wipe-Clean clock set. Why not also try a crossword to have fun whilst expanding vocabulary, build on reading comprehension or fall in love with incredible books, such as Little Women, Around the World in Eighty Days and The Language of Cat.

Educational Toys for 8 Year Olds for Social and Emotional Development

Milestones: When children reach 8 years old their independence increases as they begin to understand the subtleties of social interaction and emotions. Children adapt to better cope with a range of emotions, including more complex ones such as disappointment and frustration. Social customs like using manners are understood, alongside consideration for how other people around them may be feeling. At 8 years old, children may display positive social skills such as kindness and sharing, in addition to seeking out friends with shared interests and being more willing to listen to reasoning. Children aged 8 years old enjoy group play with peers and can comprise or resolve issues with friends, with less need for adult intervention. Morality may still be developing, so children at 8 years of age may still lie and require adult scaffolding to distinguish between behaviours that are considered wrong or right. In order to enhance and further develop these skills we have a great selection of educational toys for 8 years old on offer. Resources: A Book of Feelings and All About Me are excellent examples of  educational books for 8 year olds that can nurture your child’s understanding of feelings, whilst also encouraging them to think about other people. For fun with their friends and developing their social skills, children may enjoy games like Marrakech and What’s Up. Games and educational toys for 9-year-old children are also worth exploring as your child approaches this age.