Five Simple Tips to Choose Smart Gifts for Kids

December 1, 2018

Toys are an essential part of every child’s journey and the toys we choose for our children can shape and influence their development. Children learn by playing, and while most toys stimulate the brain, educational toys focus on nurturing specific life-long essential skills like creativity, innovative thinking, problem solving, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, emotional […]

Inspiring Ideas to Make Playing and Learning Fun this Autumn

November 1, 2018

Nature in Autumn is a wonderful sensory playground bursting of opportunities to have lots of fun learning and playing outdoors and indoors! Autumn Treasure Hunt From leaves and twigs to bark and conkers, children can create a magical autumn collection to remember. For younger children, you can use some of the collected items to create […]

10 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Children Entertained This Summer

July 22, 2018

Summer holidays are precious and memorable times for children. Yet, the long days mean it is easy for children to spend extended periods with tablets and TV. Why not keep your children stimulated and entertained this summer, developing valuable skills while enjoying fun-packed days? Here are inspiring ideas to help you planning for this summer: […]

Let’s Read Series: The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Reading

July 3, 2018

Two of the key skills required for learning to phonetically read are phoneme recognition and blending. Children who struggle with these early reading skills are likely to fall behind in literacy. There is a shortage in resources that are specifically designed to support children with diverse learning needs. To address this, WordUnited has created the […]

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Help Your Child Learn the Alphabet!

July 2, 2018

You can easily help you child recognise, read and write the alphabet. You will not be stuck for ideas once you go through this list! 1) Letter Spotting While going out and about, point at real-life letters you can spot everywhere, from car plates and shop signs, to street names and restaurant menus! This activity also […]

Fun Literacy, Numeracy and Language Learning Kits

July 2, 2018

WordUnited, an independent UK publisher, has developed kits for early learning of multiple foreign languages, regardless of the native tongue. Teacher Miss Caroline Kirby has used the learning kits in her classroom for the last few months and says the children really love the bright, colourful and clear flashcard kits. Caroline Kirby has worked as […]