7 Tips for Kids Learning at Home

April 10, 2020

Children learning at home? With the current Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many children around the world are now staying home to learn. For lots of families, this will be a new experience and one potentially approached with uncertainty. And yet, it needn’t be. This blogpost will highlight 7 ways to make home learning an enjoyable […]

7 SEN Resources to Help Children with Autism Communicate

April 2, 2020

This week is World Autism Awareness Week, a global event where many people join together in spreading awareness and increasing acceptance for people with autism and their families. For some children on the autism spectrum, communication can be delayed. Learning how to communicate is considered an important part of childhood development, as it enables children […]

7 Ways to Teach Children About Germs

March 23, 2020

“Have you washed your hands?” is a question you have probably asked your child before. With the current Coronavirus pandemic, teaching children about germs is incredibly important. But just how exactly should we explain germs to children? Check out our handy learning video above, then discover 7 ways to teach kids about germs below.   1. […]

7 Easy Science Experiments for Kids

March 14, 2020

Scouring the internet for fun science experiments for kids? Well, you have come to the right place! Science is amazing. So, let’s conduct engaging and educational science experiments that will capture your child’s attention and inspire them to look at the world through a different lens. Begin by checking out our snappy learning video above, then read about seven interesting science activities for kids […]

7 Kids’ Learning Books for World Book Day

February 29, 2020

Books enable children to develop many skills, from improved concentration and vocabulary to a deeper understanding of the world. With World Book Day just around the corner, avoid last-minute scrambling to find your child’s favourite book and costume by watching the video above for children’s reading book ideas, then take a look at our kids’ […]

7 Ways to Teach Kids About Feelings

February 21, 2020

Children experience a range of feelings, just like adults. To a child though, feelings can seem like an abstract concept. Learning to communicate how they feel is an important and beneficial emotional skill for children to develop. Watch our video above for fun activities to help teach kids about their feelings, then read below about […]

7 Sensory Activities for Babies & Toddlers

February 8, 2020

Searching for sensory activities for babies and toddlers? Children use their senses to explore the world around them, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and hearing to interact with their environment. Sensory play therefore has a pivotal role in development, improving areas such as cognition, language and fine motor skills. In the video above, you will discover hands-on crafty messy play […]

7 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

January 26, 2020

In the modern day, with the increasing prevalence of social media and exposure to advertisements, teaching kids about money is vital. From understanding the value of money to handling it in a responsible way, watch our snappy learning video above for fun ideas, then read below about 7 useful ways to teach kids about money.  You’ll find entertaining money board […]

7 Kids Telling Time Games and Resources

January 16, 2020

What time is it, Mr. Wolf? From childhood telling time games to demonstration clocks, learning to tell the time can be fun. Not to mention, telling the time is a vital skill integrated into many aspects of daily life. If you are teaching telling time and searching for free telling time worksheets, games and learning resources, check out our video above with […]

7 Cosy Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

December 22, 2019

Too cold to play outside? Though frosty walks and playing in the snow are brilliant outdoor winter activities, sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side. For those blustery winter days when stepping outside is not an option, we have compiled seven fun indoor activities that kids and adults alike will love. Feast your eyes on […]

7 Smart Gifting Tips for Children

December 14, 2019

Smart Gifting Tips – Wonderfully Fun Educational Toys and Books for Children Has anyone else noticed a growing trend of kids sitting around (both at home and when out and about) with their faces glued to a smartphone or tablet? Does anyone else get a little tiny shudder at the sight? Are we being rampant […]

7 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Kids

December 7, 2019

Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of muscles in the hands and fingers and are used when reaching, grasping and manipulating objects. Developing proficient fine motor skills enables children to become more independent in many areas of their life; from buttoning a shirt and tying a shoelace to writing and picking up objects, mastering […]