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Top 7 Back to School Tips  

September 1, 2019

Top 7 Back to School Tips

Got the back to school jitters? After the summer holidays, the prospect of heading back to school can be a daunting prospect and children may feel nervous. From stationary shopping to finding cool math games and books for reluctant readers, you can find some top tips below to help ease nerves and make going back to school an exciting activity to look forward to.

1. Back to School Themed Books

Stories about going back to school are a lovely way to help with the transition from holidays to school. We often think of these books as primarily for kids starting school for the first time, but many can be helpful for all ages. More often than not, kids will be going into a new class even if they are staying at the same school. After enjoying the freedom of school holidays they will be back to following the school routine – ‘Going to School’ is a reassuring introduction or reminder about the school day for kids, whilst young children may like to familiarise themselves with Mr Men and sticker books to prepare for school.

2. Cool Math Games and Phonics Play

Keeping up curriculum practice over the summer holidays can help ease kids back into the routine of education. There are cool math games for kids and phonics games to choose from that are brilliant for this. Fun math games for kids like Magic Maths and chunky puzzles are both educational and entertaining. To browse plenty more free primary resources maths, click here. For phonics play, take a look at phonics games such as vowel dominoes and phonics cubes, which make learning to read fun!

3. Maintaining Friendships During the Holidays

For kids, not seeing their friends for six weeks can feel like a lifetime! It can be handy to arrange play dates with their friends before returning to school. This allows children to feel more comfortable around kids in their class they might not have seen for a while, making the first day at school run more smoothly. If you know who your child is going to be in class with, organising a group play date may prove beneficial. For kids who are feeling a little shy having not seen their friends over the holidays, playdates can help boost friendships before kids go back to school. Try pretend play school sets to get your child eager for school by playing the teacher with friends or siblings.

4. Communicating About School Nerves

Communication is key when going back to school. Talking to your kids about any worries or fears they may have, reminding them who their teacher will be and who will be in their class can be extremely reassuring. It can also be useful to create a back to school book with key information. Make going back to school exciting and plan fun things to do, such as what hobbies your child would like to do at school – from learning an instrument to trying a new sport, there are usually many clubs on offer. Reminding children that they will be seeing friends each day and learning fun new things can be encouraging, along with pointing out that nerves are normal. Their teachers will be probably be feeling nervous too!

5. Creating Designated Homework Areas

Create a fun homework box filled with supplies, to make homework more enjoyable. Kids can fill it with their favourite pens and notebooks. If possible, having a set area in the house for homework can also be handy in separating work and play. This way, kids have a designated area with their supplies and know this is the place for homework.

6. Shopping for School

Go stationary shopping! Kids may choose a pencil case and what to fill it with. The joy of choosing new stationary cannot be underestimated. For kids who have obtained their school pen license, selecting a new pen may encourage them to take pride in their work and practice neat handwriting. Also, remember the joy of getting to choose your own school shoes for the new school year? Letting go of the reins a little to allow children to choose their own school shoes, backpacks or lunch boxes (compliant with uniform rules) is a wonderful way for children to take ownership over their uniform and make them feel proud to wear it.

7. Finding SEN Resources & Books for Reluctant Readers

For children with Special Educational Needs, there are a variety of SEN resources specifically designed to support children at school. SEN resources such as sand timerspencil pushers, fidget toys and sensory fluids can help your child feel prepared to tackle the first day back at school. Moreover, books for reluctant readers such as The Covers of My Book Are Too Far Apart and Noah Scape are engaging and dyslexia-friendly. You can use them during the holidays to keep up reading or as your child’s school reading book throughout the term.

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