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10 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Children Entertained This Summer

July 22, 2018

Summer holidays are precious and memorable times for children. Yet, the long days mean it is easy for children to spend extended periods with tablets and TV. Why not keep your children stimulated and entertained this summer, developing valuable skills while enjoying fun-packed days? Here are inspiring ideas to help you planning for this summer:

1. Visit your local library and enter the “Summer Reading Challenge”

Why not participate at “The Summer Reading Challenge”? It takes place every summer holiday. Sign up for FREE at your local library. Children can collect exclusive rewards and win the challenge if they read 6 books of their choice! If you prefer keeping books at home, you can find a selection of the best children’s books here.


2. Nature hunt

Create a list of possible plants and creatures you may find in a country park. Take the kids for a hike and attempt to tick off the list. Country parks can have information about native species. Did you find any other interesting species not on your list? Find tools to discover nature here.


3. Make cube popsicles

A perfect summer treat and so simple to make! Children can make their favourite juice or smoothie and pour it into an ice cube tray. Cover with a cling film and stick toothpicks in each cube. Freeze and enjoy! If children love to spend time in the kitchen, why not check out this baking set.


4. Balloon/sponge bullseye

Using colourful chalk, draw concentric circles on the driveway, or make similar marks in the garden. Number the circles. Take turns throwing water-filled balloons or wet sponges, aiming at the circles with the highest scores. A great way to develop hand-eye coordination while being active! You can also find toys that promote hand-eye coordination and motor skills here.


5. Camp under the stars

Perfect for a warm night, and with “facilities” next door, why not spend a night camping with your children in the garden?


6. Build a sandcastle

A must for every summer! Head to the perfect messy play venue ever: the beach! All can get their hands and feet wet and sandy while building all kinds of sand-made constructions. Also, sand moulds and toys are great for maximising sand fun! While at the beach, why not try skipping stones in the see or collecting shells and pebbles? Find a fantastic range of buckets and sand toys here.


7. Look for shapes in the clouds

When was the last time you did this? An ideal relaxing time and promotes children to use their imaginations and communicate their thoughts. Can your children take pictures of the shapes in the clouds and draw them?


8. Plant a garden

You can choose a small patch of your garden and encourage your children to design and plant it. A fantastic way to learn about gardening and to take responsibility. Have you seen this cute gardening set designed for little hands?


9. Crafty recycling

Scan your home for recyclable materials you don’t need. Instead of starting with “let’s make this”, why not start with “what can we make with this”? This helps children to think about recycling while developing their artistic skills. You will be surprised with what this will come up with! You can also find arts and crafts toys here and children can learn about recycling here.


10. Go on a picnic

Starting from scratch, what not encourage your children to take ownership of the picnic? They can plan and help prepare a picnic. What sandwiches can they make? How can we package the picnic food? Where is a nice spot to visit this summer?

Whatever children make and wherever you go, enjoy your precious family time this summer! Explore a fantastic range of toys and books to keep children busy this summer on

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